how to lose a gag reflex


how to lose a gag reflex

when they had first met, she was sort of afraid of sucking cock. none of her previous partners had ever minded much and so she spent most all of her life ignoring, overlooking, diverting away from and changing the subject of, blowjobs as a whole. her gag reflex perfectly intact. it wasnt that she didnt like sex. she loved it. she just could never really bring herself to enthusiastically swallow her partners cock and cum.

then she met daddy. daddy liked to get his cock sucked. he liked to have his partners praise his cock. only thing was. none of them really did. at least not in the way that he had wanted and hoped for.

so it was. the two of them drifted thru life sexually repressed. until the day they met each other of course.

they were both used to having sex with people whom there was an emotional attachment. little to no casual sex. until the night they got together. it hasnt stopped one bit since. if anything its grown more intense and more passionate and more incredible, as time goes on and they explore each others bodies further. teasing out the others kinks and letting them play out each others fantasies.

this was one of the first films they made. when she was still learning how to properly take his entire cock in her mouth and repeatedly.

daddy and kitten are happy and free now. having discovered an never ending joy for fucking and sucking, inside and out. every positon. every where. we hope you enjoy this big white cock training a submissive throat.

lose a gag reflex

we had a blast filming it :0

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