the maid is choking on my big dick


my wife told me i had to tip the maid for Christmas. this was last month. i took her advice literally and gave her the tip of my fat cock. my relationship with the maid hasn’t been the same since. she has now become my undercover, low-down, cum slut in training. waiting eagerly for the misses to go to work each day so she can find some new, enthralling way to gobble my cock. she’s gotten incredibly good at choking on my big dick. sucking, slobbering, and shaking herself as her body quivers from the immense physical reaction created by her throat getting fucked, her getting choked and getting bent over suddenly and randomly throughout the day.

the maid is an amazing whore. she loves daddys thick fat cock. she loves choking on my big dick. watch her devour it while on all four’s here.


maid choking on my big dick

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