i cum when my daddy tells me to cum


i cum when my daddy tells me to cum

after a good hour of having his way with her pussy, Dick needed a moment. it was then that Lovey climbed on top of his still throbbing cock and rode him vigorously. stopping only to rub her clitoris. dick had instructed lovey to cum on his cock and was determined to have her do it this time without any assistance. caressing first her breasts and then her entire body, loveys hands made their way down to her wet and swollen pussy. soon she was masturbating and screaming out as she did exactly what daddy had asked and cum once again all over his thick cock.

dick began instructing lovey to reply while his cock remained down her throat. he would ask her shove the entirety of his thick cock into her mouth and have her look up at him before he would ask.

“i cum when my daddy tells me to cum”

she was expected to reply in full, with that fat dick in her mouth. being careful of course not to bite or nip daddys cock, else she be reprimanded and forced to begin again. it had taken her weeks, months even to be able to do this. and when she did, dick had truly never felt prouder of his little cum slut. he told her as much as he ran his hand thru her hair gently. her drool now pouring out of the side of her mouth, crammed full of 8+ inches of his big white cock.

good girl Lovey.

daddy is proud of you.

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